More Control Over Last Mile Delivery

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More Control Over Last Mile Delivery

Daryl Flood Logistics Is Now NXT Home Delivery

We're thrilled to unveil a pivotal moment in our journey towards service excellence. Formerly recognized as Daryl Flood Logistics, we've embarked on a rebranding journey, proudly introducing ourselves as NXT Home Delivery!


What's New?

While our identity and appearance have undergone a transformation, our unwavering dedication to unrivaled service, reliability and customer satisfaction remains steadfast. Our rebranding signifies a deep commitment to enriching high-end, final mile home delivery experiences, ensuring seamless, efficient and stress-free deliveries to your customers.


The Evolution

NXT Home Delivery signifies the culmination of years of expertise, innovation and customer-centric solutions in logistics and final mile delivery services. Transitioning from Daryl Flood Logistics to NXT Home Delivery, our unwavering focus on providing industry-leading solutions tailored to our customers' needs continues to drive every facet of our operations.


What Awaits You with NXT Home Delivery

At NXT Home Delivery, our mission is to provide a seamless delivery solution for our clients and their customers. We take pride in being trailblazers in delivering premium final mile services for heavy and oversized goods, elevating each delivery with a white-glove experience. As a trusted partner for last-mile deliveries, our dependable teams and enduring partnerships with major manufacturers and retailers nationwide, ensure exceptional service for customers across the country.

With over 35 strategically placed locations nationwide and a direct employment model for our dedicated teams, we empower you with enhanced control over the entire final mile delivery process. This meticulous approach guarantees an unparalleled experience right within your customers’ homes.

Learn more about our comprehensive final mile services or engage with one of our expert home delivery professionals today to elevate your delivery standards.

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