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NXT Home Delivery takes privacy seriously and we are completely transparent with our website users.
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NXT Home Delivery is committed to conducting business ethically and dealing fairly with all clients, suppliers, partners and employees. We hold our company and employees to the highest industry standards and use our company-wide values of trust, innovation, teamwork, caring and agility to guide our decision making and impact our everyday behaviors.

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Community Excellence

As a member of industry organizations, NXT Home Delivery proudly adheres to all professional codes of conduct and ethics they set forth. We are accredited by and/or affiliated with organizations that support our standard of excellence and provide additional peace of mind to consumers searching for qualified last mile delivery service experts.

Ethical Hiring

NXT Home Delivery recognizes that our company’s success is not possible without our outstanding employees, and we consider our people to be the best in the industry. We maintain formal policies and procedures to ensure equal opportunities, non-discrimination and integration of people with disabilities. Contact our Human Resources department for more information.

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Daryl Flood Logistics, Inc. Texas DOT, Motor Carrier Certificate of Registration: 006788222C
Oklahoma Corporate Commission: 161773681709
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles: 4422
U.S. DOT No. 2225600; MC-369238

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